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This is Sean and Brian. They run the place. They are as different as the day is long.  So it would appear. But while their skill sets may yin and yang, the two have an uncanny knack of finding weird connections from their pasts and to noticing commonality in their views on life. That said, they're still a fairly odd couple of co-owners. Just how they like it. 

Brian and Sean joined forces in 2021 during the throes of the shut down that was the demise of the first iteration of the White Squirrel Brewery.  Along with many good friends, the two hatched the plan for breathing new life into the the Squirrel and spent much of 2022 bouncing around ideas and solidifying the ones that seemed to have a chance. 

In March 2023, White Squirrel purchased Gasper Brewing Company, moved into Gasper's location at 302 State Street in Bowling Green and made the wise decision to make Gasper's founder, Isaiah King, the new Head Brewer.

The crew set about brewing the original White Squirrel recipes and renovating the entire 10,000 square feet of brewery and bar space. A soft opening in April 2023 allowed for testing, trying and iterating on ideas. Mostly, it was an opportunity to welcome in the fine people of Bowling Green and help them catch the vision for what was unfolding in the space. 

On September 22, 2023, White Squirrel Brewery cut the ribbon (er, tapped the keg) to signify the official opening of the brewery, followed by a proper Grand Opening day of festivities the next day. 

Bowling Green is an awesome community and the support for White Squirrel is amazing. As Bowling Green's brewery, White Squirrel is committed to providing the finest quality beer and cocktails, the best entertainment and an experience that the whole family can enjoy.  Come check out the vibe and enjoy some time in "Bowling Green's living room".

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