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Squirrel’s Nest Update – Funding and Fermenters

Sorry it’s been so long since our last post here, we’ve been just a little busy to say the least. Here is an updated list of what’s been fermentersgoing on in the brewery.

  • The Kickstarter Campaign was funded! Thank you so much to all who shared it and supported us. This truly validates what we’re doing.
  • With the Kickstarter funds we were able to purchase the fermenters we really wanted for this project. Your beer deserves the best!
  • We have started the build-out inside the space at 871 Broadway. You may notice a constant flow of contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other support staff moving in and out of the building. We’re working hard to get open soon.
  • We have a federal brewing license!!! This happened this past month and is a huge accomplishment. Brewer’s licenses are hard to come by and we are excited and happy. Thanks to the TTB and ABC for walking us through the process.
  • Merchandise sales. You can get your squirrel gear at our store now and have it shipped to you! Check it out by clicking “Store” on the website. That will take you to our separate store microsite.
  • The menu is coming together. We would love to share how that’s shaping up, but we like surprises and we think you will too. Just think about bold and rich flavors with a crisp salty edge. The menu will be unique for our market, and will compliment the beer perfectly.
  • We will be placing our order for our guest taps soon. We’ll be hitting you up on our Facebook page for suggestions.

That’s about it for now… the question we get 10 times a day is “When are you opening already?!?” — Soon friends, very soon. We don’t want to commit to a date and then have to move it, but trust us, it will be very soon. 🙂


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